Bio Cargo

Comfort, toughness and sustainability

The BIO Cargo stands out for its large cargo volume (2.2 cubic meters) and its unlimited range, thanks to the exchange of batteries. An ergonomic vehicle adapted for last-mile delivery.
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Value for your business

+30% deliveries
per hour than with a conventional vehicle
Park faster
And easier than with a normal vehicle
Easy access
In pedestrian areas and in the city center
Zero emissions
Clean cities of smoke and noise.
Unilimited Autonomy
Thanks to swappable batteries
Up to 350 kg of load
With the possibility of adapting the box to your needs

Spring 2023

European certification and manufactured in Spain.
Bio cargo Primavera 2023


  • 350KgLoading Weight
  • UnlimitedAutonomy
  • 25 km/hMax speed
scoobic BIO Cargo

Real-time tracking


Real-time tracking

Keep track of the GPS location of your scoobic at all times.
Add multiple scoobics to the app. Monitor your entire fleet at a glance.
Keep track of the exact position, driver, battery level, status, and details such as the license plate number.
Feel the peace of mind of receiving smart notifications about battery level or parts needing service.

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